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If you or your property have been adversely affected by the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, please use the email link below to contact Oil Spill Lawyers David Lee Sellers or Eric D. Stevenson. Our legal experts can inform you of your options and rights. Has your property, business, or livelihood been affected by the BP, Transocean Oil Spill? You may have legal recourse.

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Loss of Property Value? Loss of Revenue?


BP has initiated a claims process for those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Our firm is already assisting several people through the BP claims process. Whether you need an attorney depends on whether you need legal advice, expertise, or judgment. You need an attorney if you are unable to determine the extent of your damages or if you do not know what types of damages are recoverable against BP. You may also need an attorney to assist you in understanding what claims are legally recoverable if BP denies any portion of your claim.

Other potential responsible parties include Transocean, Halliburton Energy Services, and Cameron International. So far, these parties have not indicated a willingness to resolve claims despite their obvious role in contributing to the oil spill crisis. To the contrary, Transocean has filed an action under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, otherwise known as “OPA,” in federal court in Houston to limit its responsibility to $27,000,000.

Our law firm is already gearing up to fight Transocean’s attempts to limit its responsibility for the oil spill. Transocean’s excess insurance company has filed suit against BP for indemnification and contribution even though Transocean shares responsibility for the oil spill.

While BP may initially agree to pay certain claims through its claims process, Transocean’s actions are likely to complicate the processing of claims in the future. Unfortunately, those affected by the oil spill may find themselves victimized again as they are caught in a legal battle between BP and the other responsible parties over whether those responsible parties, other than BP, should bear part of the financial burden to those who suffer damages because of the oil spill.

Another important factor in deciding whether you need an attorney for your oil spill claim will depend on what happens with the filings under OPA. If Transocean or other responsible parties are successful in its move to limit its exposure to $27,000,000 under OPA, a claims process defined by OPA may be put in place, leaving those who do not file a claim within the time specified by the Court without any compensation from those responsible parties like Transocean who seek to limit their liability.

At this point, it is impossible to know whether those responsible for the oil spill will remain financially able to completely compensate those who are damaged by the oil spill. No one can say, with any certainty, what the total costs will be in terms of cleanup and compensation over the next several years or perhaps decades.

Under the same analysis, it is impossible to know whether BP and other responsible parties will cease to pay claims at some point. Not even BP has unlimited resources. If history is any lesson, some of the most successful corporations in the world filed bankruptcy because of the monies paid in compensating those exposed to asbestos. This is why we believe it is important that those damaged by the oil spill begin the claims process as early as possible. It is just as important to stay informed throughout the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Litigation by returning to visit us on this website, http://davidleesellers.com/oil-spill.php

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